To say I’ve been neglecting this blog, would be an under-statement.
I used to blog a lot, actually I jumped on the blogging bandwagon quite early, but then I stopped. I really wanted to blog, but I just couldn’t make up the time for it.

The thing is blogging takes time, especially if you want to publish interesting and valuable content. However, I think it’s also nice to let a blog have its own life and be a representation of who you are and what you do: sometimes things are moving fast and you just have time for a quickie, or maybe you’re super pumped about a new technology and want to tell everyone about it even though you haven’t got time for an in-depth post. And other times you want to sit down and spend a few days writing a thorough, detailed post.

This year, I’m going to try and be more consistent. Quality might be dwindling, but it’s consistency I’ll be aiming for!

What am I up to?

At the beginning of 2022, I started working for a YC startup called Akiflow.
We’re building a tool that helps you be more productive by using time-blocking and aggregating all the inboxes you might have in your professional and personal lives.

I’m in charge of the backend and devops – as I do – and I’m loving everything about it: the product is a bliss to use, the team is a bliss to work with and that makes it all feel like a win-win.

Recently, I had a new baby. Count now being 4! Clearly, we’ve been outnumbered which makes it a hard job, but it’s also a joy to see them grow and become their own little selves.
Being a parent feels a bit like being a sceintist: you run experiments all-day long, and you can have hipothesis about the outcome, but it’ll take some time to verify them…quite a bit different from being a software engineer!

Let’s wait and see

So I want to write more, and I’ll try to write more. The idea is to have a bit of everything, mostly focusing on tech.
Let’s see where we’ll end up during the coming year!