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There are a lot of successful freelancers out there and maybe you’re one of them, but there’s a big problem with freelancing: the more successful you become, the less independent you are.

And if you aren’t a successful and well-known freelancer, things are even worse: you struggle to find new clients each day, you feel like you must lower your rates and you end up scratching the bottom of the barrel just to get by.

The secret to get free from the pains of being a freelancer is to start your own business.
You already are an expert at what you do, so you’re in a prime position to start your own business.

Who am I?

I’m Michele Finotto and I started freelancing while I was in high school. However, after a few years of making some extra money while studying, I realized this wasn’t going to work in the long term if my goal was to become independent and have the freedom to manage my life however I wished.

So after some pondering, I decided to slash my client time in half and spend the remaining half working on my own business.
After a few months, I launched 16bugs, a SaaS app which has been used by almost 100,000 people and is still going strong.

By the age of 23, I was nominated by BusinessWeek as one of Europe’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. I’ve also been mentioned on the following press:

Wired BusinessWeek
NY Times Corriere della Sera

After my first business was running itself, I decided I wanted more and started a few other businesses in the following ten years.
Some of them went well, while others failed and I’m not ashamed to admit it, because that’s how it goes. But I learned a lot in the process and having started businesses in lots of different markets (e.g. web apps, wine, fashion, restaurant, etc) gave me a huge baggage of knowledge which is proving more valuable each day as I add more to it.

Now, I set out to share my everything I learned with you. I want to teach you how you, too, can stop freelancing and start your own business.
How you can become more independent and achieve the freedom you’ve always wanted.

And I won’t hold back anything: everything I learned I will share with you. And everything I’ll learn in the future, I’ll share, too!

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