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I love hearing from visitors of my site and other fellow entrepreneurs!

You can contact me via my email: info at finotto dot org. Or…


You can also reach out to me on Twitter. It’s the best way to start a conversation or to ask me a quick question. You can follow me in a snap by clicking the button below.

Consulting & Coaching

My focus is on helping you start a business through the content I publish on my blog. However, entrepreneurship is not one size fits all, so I also work directly with entrepreneurs who need some help to make the leap.
Get in contact with me and tell me what you want to achieve and what the obstacles on your way are. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a way to make it work.

If you want to hire me, the email to use is coaching at finotto dot org.

Do you want to start a business?

In my career, I started more than 10 businesses, some where great, others not so much and a couple of them failed hard. At 23 I was nominated by BusinessWeek as one of Europe's Best Young Entrepreneurs. It was and still is a great ride and I want to share everything that I learned with you.

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