Starting a business sounds like a tough thing?

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole adult life.
Actually, I’ve never had a real boss, except for bossy clients, that is.

And so far, I’ve started more than ten businesses, in a whole variety of industries, to varying degrees of success. I’ve seen my good deal of successes, I’ve been featured in some of the best publications in the world, at 23 I was nominated by BusinessWEEK as one of Europe’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. And I’ve seen failure, you can bet I did!

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If you’re thinking of starting an online business, but you’re a bit lost, I’m here to help.

I’d be happy to schedule a 1 hour Skype call with you so we can talk about anything related to your business.
Here are some things I could help you with:

  • Defining your target niche
  • Finding the right idea to work on
  • Defining what your first product should be
  • Using content to deliver value and become an authority
  • Dealing with your first customers
  • And much more

If you’d like to talk to me, you can click the button below to purchase your first call. It’s going to be $500 for a one hour Skype call, but after that you’ll be able to reach me via email if you need it.
And if you need more than 1 hour, we’ll talk about it on your first call and I’ll work out a deal for you.

Does $500 sound like too much?

I don’t think so. Really.

Think about all the times you said you had to start a business, but never did it.

Or maybe you tried to start a business, but was soon overwhelmed by it and you slowly gave up.

You could even be trying to start your online business right now, but feel a bit lost and don’t know what to do next.

I can tell you I’ve been there before! And I know what it takes to move forward.

By paying for this 1-hour call, you’ll get to pick my brain which at the moment contains more than 10 years of experience starting different kinds of businesses. And I want to see you succeed, so you can be sure I’ll be here to help you even after our call together.

It might sound like a big investment, but it’s actually small, when you compare it to the rewards that come from running a successful business.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. It’s

Take care!

Do you want to start a business?

In my career, I started more than 10 businesses, some where great, others not so much and a couple of them failed hard. At 23 I was nominated by BusinessWeek as one of Europe's Best Young Entrepreneurs. It was and still is a great ride and I want to share everything that I learned with you.

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